Dear friends,
    As the director of the Domari Society of Jerusalem, an organization taking care of Dom people, I would like to give you some insight about the realities of our life.

    I am saddened to inform you about the plight of our Gypsy sisters and brothers in Gaza. They live together with Palestinian people, thus also becoming the victims of the conflict. Until now the people in Gaza Strip did not have an easy life, it was riddled with poverty, anxiety and lack of hope.  

    Recently, the situation is really miserable. We receive a lot of information and alarming signals from Dom families. Many Gypsies have already lost their lives, and many more have been left wounded. Those, who are left live in fear and despair, worrying about what is yet to come. The ones living in Gaza have often lost everything they had. It is heart breaking for us, also because our ethnic group, already small, is decimating. Watching our relatives suffer is not easy as well.

    On the behalf of Gypsy community from the Holy Land, I would like to ask you to remember about us, and keep our troubles in your minds. The Gypsies should stand united and supportive of each other, in order to survive and protect our culture.

    I do hope and believe something could be done, to make the life of Gaza Gypsies a bit better.

    Let’s pray for peaceful times to come, as well as take action to make the world a better place.

    We count on you and your support. It is important for us, that the people know the facts and mishaps we face.



    May God bless you and keep you safe!



    Amoun Sleem


    Domari Society of Jerusalem

    P.O.Box 51488, Jerusalem (Al Quds)


    GSM: +972 54 206 62 10

    Office: +972 2 532 45 10


    E-mail: amoun_sleem@hotmail.com

     URL: http://domarisociety.googlepages.com/




    For the ones who would like to assist the victims practically:


    Bank account:


    Domari Gypsy Organization of Israel

    REG: 580350890

    Mercantile Discount Bank ltd.
    Sallah Eddin Branch no. 638, Jerusalem

    Account No. 503878



    We don't know how many time this war will last. But sure it's not a good thing. There's no war to be a solution. Each time innocent people are wounded or dead, Doms and others. D. Toulmé

    Liens :

    * The Domari Society of Gypsies in Jerusalem :  http://domarisociety.googlepages.com/

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