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    Jean-Pierre LIÉGEOIS


    * Les Tsiganes, Éditions Le Temps qui Court, 1971.


    L'édition Maspero



    * Roms en Europe, Éditions Conseil de l'Europe, 2007.



    Event-book: “The Roma in Europe”

    17/11/2008 - Already at its third edition, the book authored by the French Jean-Pierre Liégeois, “The Roma in Europe” was launched in Romanian as well. The volume is part of a complex overview on different Roma communities living on the old continent.

    Jean-Pierre Liégeois, who joined his guests at the launch, at the international conference “From multiculturality to intercultural dialogue”, is a professor at the Sorbonne University from Paris and founder of the Roma Research Center in 1979, that he managed until 2003.

    His book is intended to offer the reader, in a clear and accessible manner, an overview of the extremely complex, often conflictual reality: the life of the Roma in Europe. The work is meant to better understand the Roma by learning about the richness of the Roma culture, their life style and the strength of their identity, as well as the treatment they were subject to over the past centuries.

    “The book brings rather an accurate thinking. And the style has a rare beauty”, said sociologist Nicolae Gheorghe, who believes the work describes a complex, contradictory and dynamic reality with high accuracy.

    Catalin Rus, director of the Intercultural Institute from Timisoara, thinks that the book can be useful in Romania because it “pinpoints the issues of the Roma from Romania in a European context”, being actually “the only common reference” on this topic, existing at European level.

    The Romanian version of the publication “The Roma in Europe” was printed with the agreement of the Council of Europe, but the viewpoints expressed in the work belong to the author alone. The first French edition was launched in 1985, followed by its publication in several other languages in 1994.

    As the author says, the book shall be highly interesting for teachers, trainers, social workers, as well as for those undertaking political-administr<wbr />ative responsibilities.

    Un article de http://www.divers.ro le 17/11/2008



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    Jean-Pierre Liégeois a collaboré à la revue Recherche Sociale n°155 : Tsiganes, "Gens du voyage" - Analyses pour une action adaptée (Juillet-septembre 2000)

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