• Gipsy at heart, by Dark-Lonewolf (Canadian)

    The Gypsy (2006)
    He smiled faintly as her hand brushed his face one last time,
    Her scent still lingered on his skin.
    It had only been one night;
    Yet for that night they had been one,
    Brought together through passion and intensity,
    So much more - yet never quite the same forever after.
    As she walked away, she cast him one last firey look,
    Her olive green eyes undressing him once more,
    Burning themselves into the back of his mind,
    Forever branding him as hers.
    And he knew as she dissapeared over the hills,
    That the woman he longed for more than any other,
    Was the one he'd never see again.
    Never fall in love with a gypsy.

    Author's Comments

    Written late one afternoon as a tribute to my love, who's a gypsy at heart. Anyone who's ever had to be apart from someone they love will know exactly where this comes from...

    Gipsy girl ( John Lomas)

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